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Recognized as the “pharmacy of the world” the Indian pharma industry is booming as one of the leading path-breaking industry sectors in India. Moreover, when it comes to life saving medicinal drugs, India is offering them at the most affordable prices to various countries. It is not unknown that even during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, several countries majorly depended on India for vaccines as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers to gather medication supplies.

According to several reports, it is estimated that India exported around 5.84 crore dozes of COVID vaccinations to more than 50 countries in March 2021. With a low skilled manpower force combined with a well-equipped manufacturing base, India is all ready and set to take up an even major responsibility in the sphere of drug security and therefore continues to maintain its position as one of the leading pharmaceutical market spaces in the world.

Reasons that led India to have emerged with a brighter future in pharma industry?

Product licenses on meds were not allowed in India before 2005. Subsequently, Indian drug makers had the option to create minimal expense conventional forms of medications that had licenses from different nations. With the assistance of figuring it out, India was quick to bring to the market reasonable forms of HIV drugs (Zidovudine) and life-saving disease (Imatinib) inside a couple of years after their US launch.

With various nonexclusive medication makers in India, there has been a value decrease of almost 100% for drugs across different therapeutic regions like Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and medications for non-transferable infections which are basic parts of general wellbeing programs.

Likewise, India holds an essential part in the stock of reasonable HIV prescriptions all over the planet. In 1999, the WHO reported HIV/AIDS as the main executioner in Africa. As large drug organizations began charging $10,000 each year per patient for antiretroviral, for millions it turned out to be monetarily unviable to look for treatment. Indian drug industry acted the hero by empowering, assembling and supply of HIV antiretroviral with a 99.99 per cent value cut. By and large, India is the world’s driving wellspring of reasonable HIV prescriptions since it’s likewise among a couple with the capacity to rapidly fabricate more current HIV drugs as generics.

Aside from meds, India is probably the greatest provider of minimal expense antibodies to nations everywhere. At the point when enormous global drug organizations held a total imposing business model over the recombinant Hepatitis B antibody, India was quick to showcase the immunization at a reasonable cost for the general population.

India is the country with the biggest number of US Food and Drug Administration-consistent drug plants which assumes a vital part in enlarging its drug send out endeavors. It is assessed that around 65% of youngsters on the planet get at least one immunization produced by India. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, India is among the greatest exporters of immunizations with a-list innovative work offices and qualified labour.

Major Growth driving factors in the future:

Future in Pharma Industry
  • How can Artificial Intelligence not benefit the pharmacy industry when it is the emerging tech trend for almost every country. AI is surely going to help the pharmaceutical industry to come up with advanced automated algorithms. This will thus help the businesses achieve rapid, recurring and accurate results. The involvement of AI is surely going to be seen in drug discovery and molecule analysis. Furthermore, the use of AI will also help in handling diseases, monitoring complex data and also improving inclusion as well as exclusion criteria, specifically for clinical trials.
  • Research on drugs and medicines specially manufactured for rare diseases is positively going to see a major hike in 2022 and ahead.
  • A majority of pharmaceutical companies would assign additional resources for creating next-generation molecules. The coming years for India are going to be more profit specific as more research is expected on gene therapy, biosimilars and stem cell therapy concepts.
  • The emergence of digital therapeutics includes the utilization of great evidence to offer ideal therapeutic interventions using automated programs. This will empower drug organizations to go to specialist co-ops in therapeutics from basic medication makers.
  • Technological advancements are a major factor in allowing healthcare providers to focus on the newly identified therapeutic areas of treatment from already marketed drugs.

The Road further…

Throughout recent years, India has risen as a worldwide ‘clinical superpower’ by reinforcing its examination and improvement of the biological system and fuelling drug trades. The Indian drug area has solidly continued to a way of development and advancement in any event, when the whole world was held in the grip of the pandemic. Everything that could be said with outright certainty is that further speculations will empower India’s drug area to come to the worldwide top layers.

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