Pharmaceutical Distributorship with Healthkind Labs
PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

Become a part of the Pharma Industry, which excels in making billions from milligrams!

What is the PCD
Pharma Franchise?

It is an approval of utilising the brand name, exclusive information, items, products as well the Trademark etc. of any organisation dealing in Pharmaceutical products by a wholesaler or any individual interested. This approval helps the franchisee to begin their business through the name of the franchisor.

 Pharma franchise, also known as PCD implies the partnership rights given to the merchants by pharma organisations to use their image name in the specific region.

Scope of gaining
Pharmaceutical Distributorship!

Being a Pharma distributor opens the door to a wide range of business startups and expansions. Listed below are some of the employment pursuits for distributors to start with:

  • The doctor prescribed Drugs (Generic Drugs and Branded Drugs) dispersion
  • Over the Counter (OTC) Medicine appropriation
  • Pharma Franchise Distribution and PCD business

Become A Distributor

  • Institutional deals and Supply included Hospital, drug store chains, online drug stores and so on
  • Surgical Businesses
  • Supplying medical devices
  • Dynamic Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API/Bulk Drugs) Trading
  • Food and Dietary Supplements Supply (FSSAI registration likewise required)
  • Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine Supply
  • Pharma Marketing Company


A drug Licence is mandatory that is needed to do business in pharma. Drug permit is given by the core medications standard control association and state drugs standard control association of India.

Ordinarily, two sorts of DL are being given by the medication control associations, one is a retail Drug Licence and the other is a discount drug permit. Retail DL is given to the individual prescriptions on a retail basis, for example, an individual who runs a scientific expert shop.

Discount DL is given to that individual who needs to sell drugs on a discount level. Once in a while retail DL might be given to an individual degree or certificate in Pharma from the perceived college.

Get to know
About the Monopoly Rights

Monopoly signifies being a single provider of a specific product in a specific area. In PCD establishments Monopoly Agreement or Monopoly Right implies that only a solitary individual or at one area as referenced in an arrangement reserves the option to sell the drugs of a specific organisation. Prior to getting the PCD franchise, it is integral to affirm first that the region for that specific organisation is empty or do they as of now have given syndication rights to another individual.

A Monopoly agreement is the most crucial arrangement here. Hence, it is proposed to get the composed understanding from the organisation you are making decisions with. This will give the security of your business.

Healthkind Labs is
WHO & GMP certified !

  •  GMP represents Good Manufacturing Practises. There are high-quality norms set in GMP. The manufacturing units having the GMP certificate, need to adhere to the rules set by GMP while fabricating. GMP is a framework that guarantees the item is continually created and controlled by the quality norms. GMP covers the parts of creation from beginning material to the clean staff. Each time items are made the right strategy should be followed at each progression.
  • WHO represents the World Health Organisation. It is a specific organisation of the United Nations that is worried about worldwide general wellbeing. Like GMP in WHO too, there are additionally a few set quality norms which the assembling unit needs to keep up with while fabricating the items. The quality principles of WHO are stricter than GMP. WHO framework guarantees that items are created and controlled by the set rules.

Healthkind labs are performing several initiatives every year to strengthen the franchise business in the country. The manufacturing of medicinal products takes place with extra care and with an effort to deliver multi-speciality pharma products. Hence, we focus on assembling products by following the guidelines set by ISO, GMP, and WHO.

Why choose Healthkind Labs to
Your PCD Pharma Franchise?

  • Low-risk chances
  • Low investment requirements
  • Advantages of your own Monopoly rights
  • Expansion of your business growth and development
  • We give you your Business Liberty
  • Higher margins
  • Greater profits and earnings